Alongside the program of seminars and keynotes, there’s an opportunity to interact with a broad range of technology demonstrations and recent product developments. These fall within an overall theme reflecting the growing importance of information in design.

Information is unlocking new opportunities to innovate and disrupt.

Differentiation in overcrowded markets is an increasing struggle, both for small and multinational enterprises. Innovation Day will reveal a formula to exploit information to create more insightful design, smarter products and digital services that engage and delight users.

Insightful design

To achieve true differentiation, technology design must be based on an ever-deeper understanding of users and their environment. We will share techniques to uncover deep consumer insight, to produce more effective designs with highly personalised user experience.


Smarter products

The smartest products today use the most valuable information from the world around them to uncover hidden insights. We will explain how tools such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, data analytics and algorithms can be harnesses to achieve the previously unthinkable.


Digital services

Information, insightful design and smarter products are the key elements for innovation. Digital services unite these elements to transform businesses and unlock new business models. We will explore the ways that digital services elevate technology-based products to provide insights that drive ongoing value creation.

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