Keynote speakers

We are to be joined at Innovation Day 2017 by a range of business leaders.
Our confirmed keynote speakers include:


Matt Desch


Iridium’s amazing journey – and what’s NEXT

Iridium’s satellite network is 20 years old, and its survival and growth since inception is quite a story. The system is a success because it has been a unique innovation platform for hundreds of applications, and the company is now launching a replacement network called Iridium NEXT that will be even more powerful and drive exciting new services.

Matt will explain the transformation underway at Iridium and what’s ahead for the resurging satellite industry.

Speaker biography

Matt Desch is CEO of Iridium Communications, Inc., a mobile satellite services provider delivering voice and internet access for many industries including maritime, aviation, transportation and defence, as well as individuals, who need to stay in touch no matter where they are on the planet. Matt took the company public in 2009, and has led the development and financing of its $3 billion next-generation satellite constellation - called Iridium NEXT – that will be completed in 2018. The company has expanded its revenues, earnings and subscribers dramatically since he took the role in August 2006. Matt was previously the CEO of Telcordia Technologies, now part of Ericsson, and was a President of Nortel Networks in the 1990s, responsible for their $4 billion wireless business. He began his career as a software developer at Bell Laboratories. Matt has a BS in Computer Science from Ohio State University, and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

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Hiroki Kitagawa

General Manager, Global Center for Social Innovation-Tokyo, Research & Development Group

Innovation beyond smart, with vision

At Hitachi, we are working to develop a social concept of life for the coming Society 5.0. Instead of simply extending smart, advanced technologies into the future, we are considering issues and viewpoints that can't be solved with advanced technologies, and this presentation will showcase a resultant vision of the service scenarios of the future.

Speaker biography

Mr Kitagawa was appointed General Manager of Global Center for Social Innovation-Tokyo in April 2017. Prior to this, he worked in the Technology Strategy Office, and supported the business development of IoT platform “Lumada” at  Service & Platform Business Unit. During his time at Hitachi’s Design Laboratory, Mr Kitagawa specialized in user experience (UX) design for internet services at financial institutions, telecommunication carriers and government agencies. In 2009, he directed Hitachi’s experience-oriented approach for super upstream process of system development methodology which combined human-centered design and business consulting methods and led the implementation of UX in SI department.

Mr Kitagawa graduated with a Master of Engineering in Industrial Design from Chiba University Graduate School of Engineering in 1992.

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AJ Van Bochoven

Head of Innovation Strategy

Presenting alongside Hiroki Kitagawa.

Speaker biography

AJ is Head of Innovation Strategy at Cambridge Consultants, with over 20 years’ experience in advising companies on how to innovate and which innovations to pursue. He specialises in helping organisations improve their new product development processes and creating new radical innovation concepts with clients. AJ has developed such processes and concepts for diverse industries including FMCG, healthcare and consumer electronics.

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Jordan Rice

Sr. Director, Nike NXT Smart Systems Engineering

Nike Digital Sport: the evolution of connected products and experiences

For over 10 years, digital services and experiences have been a key driver in positioning Nike’s brand as an innovation leader. Nike’s Digital Technology team was an early pioneer in quantifying consumers digitally through the Nike+ franchise, including the Nike+ FuelBand and Nike+ Basketball. Nike’s digital product offense has evolved substantially since then, with sharper focus on connectedness, insights, and tighter integration with services. We’ll discuss the evolution of Nike’s connected products and associated services, as well as key lessons learned that inform the company’s future roadmap.

Speaker biography

Jordan Rice joined Nike, Inc., as Senior Director of Smart Systems in June 2015. Previously, he served as Vice President of Product Development at Quanttus, – an MIT spin-out, venture-backed startup – that aimed to develop the "unkiller" wearable application through continuous key vitals monitoring mixed with AI.

Before joining Quanttus, Jordan was Director of Product Development Engineering at Nike; he focused on the design, engineering and production of the Nike+ FuelBand and Nike+ FuelBand SE, among other Nike+ enabled devices. During his time at Nike, Jordan was also a Product Architect on the Digital Sport team, outlining and delivering product technologies from concept to mass production, and supporting NPI across Greater Asia and North America for small and large-scale manufacturing.  Jordan also spent 5 years at Synapse Product Development, firstly as Program Director and Technical Lead, before becoming the Senior Product Development Director and he holds more than fifteen patents in the consumer electronics, manufacturing, and athletic monitoring space.

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Nick Pachuda

Worldwide Vice President, Orthopedic Innovation, Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices

The metamorphosis of medtech

The medical device sector is rapidly evolving. Value-based healthcare and new technology are rapidly reshaping the landscape and business models. The course of innovation is changing at an unprecedented rate. Orthopedics is an example industry where new device and digital innovations are transforming access, engagement, outcome and cost. Nick will take you through the journey that medical devices, orthopedics and Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices are taking from a patient, surgeon and industry perspective.

Speaker biography

Nick is part of the Medical Science and Technology Group in Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices. He focuses on creating the clinical disease state strategies and the supporting transformational portfolio platforms for DePuy Synthes Orthopedics. He also works with Johnson & Johnson Innovation to create a portfolio of investments and partnerships with external innovators around the world. Nick is trained as a foot and ankle surgeon and is also fellowship trained in orthopedic trauma. He was in clinical practice for 10 years and has been on the industry side since 2003.

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